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2009-12-07 18:36

by H. E. Mr. Zhou Yuxiao

Chinese Ambassador to Liberia

                                                                                   December 2, 2009

Her Excellency Madam President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

His Excellency Vice President Joseph Boakai

Honorable Cabinet Ministers and government officials

Dean and members of diplomatic corps

Friends from the media

Leader and members of the visiting Martial Art Delegation

Distinguished guests:

First of all, let me warmly welcome all of you to this Chinese Martial Art Performance to be presented by the Chinese Martial Art Association, which is jointly invited by the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Information, Culture and tourism.

The tour of the Martial Art Delegation in Liberia is part and parcel of the program mapped out in the Action Plan of the Beijing FOCAC Summit. The purpose of holding these cultural events is threefold. The first is to promote cultural exchanges between our two countries. Last year, Cultural Ambassador July Andee led a high-calibred art troupe to perform in China where it won tremendous popularity. A Liberian pop-singer by name of Emmanuel Uwechue has become a super star in China, giving the Chinese people a lot of artistic enjoyment. This visit is partly designed to reciprocate the Liberian friendly gestures. I am confident that cultural interactions like this will greatly enhance our friendship, mutual understanding and mutual respect for each other’s culture and contribute to the uplift of our over-all bilateral relations. The second is to show China’s confidence in Liberia. It is intended to tell that Liberia is gradually becoming a normal and safe place for business and cultural activities. The third is to bring some joy and cultural life to the Liberian people during the December holiday season.

Chinese Wushu which is also called Martial Art or Kung Fu is a form of traditional physical exercise and performing art. It is becoming more and more popular not only in China, but also in the world. It is thought by many that Kung Fu is about fighting or fighting skills. It is true, but it is much more than that. It involves very rich concept of traditional Chinese philosophies. It emphasizes the idea of strengthening and perfecting oneself both physically and spiritually for the protection of social peace and justice. Therefore, Kung Fu practitioners are not trained to be emotional fighters, instead, they are required to nurture a good morality in 10 aspects: namely humility, sincerity, politeness, loyalty, trust, courage, tolerance, endurance, perseverance and will. In essence, Kung Fu is about cultivation of a healthy body and mind.

For Liberian young people who love Chinese Kung Fu and Kung Fu stars like Bruce Lee, Jack Chen and Jet Lee, I wish to remind you that to practice Chinese Kung Fu will never enable you to fly in the sky like a superman in movies, but can make you healthy physically and spiritually.

I am pleased to inform you that three shows are to be staged in Monrovia, one for the government officials and diplomats, which is this one, anther one also here for the general public tomorrow evening at 5 o’clock and the third one for the UN peacekeepers at the Chinese Transport Contingent Friday evening.

I wish to express my sincere appreciation to Madam President, the Vice President and all the distinguished guests for gracing this function by your kind personal presence and thank all my Chinese and Liberian colleagues for your hard and meticulous work to make this event possible and successful. Last but not least, I want to thank the Martial Art players who are all medal winners at national or international competitions for your performance which I believe will be superb and breathtaking. I hope that the Kung Fu masters will bring us joy and excitement and make tonight unforgettable for all of us.

Thank you.

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