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Notice on Airline Boarding Requirement in Liberia of Negative Nucleic Acid Test Certificate
2020-09-09 23:55
To ensure the healthy and safe international travel and reduce the risks of cross-border spread of the epidemic, the Chinese Embassy in Liberia, in accordance with the Announcement jointly made on July 20, 2020, by the Civil Aviation Administration of China, the General Administration of Customs of China and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, formulates the specific implementation measures of requiring Chinese and foreign China-bound passengers in Liberia to obtain COVID-19 negative certificates before boarding, the notice of which is made as follows:

1. General Requirement

From September 18, 2020, all Chinese and foreign passengers who are to fly to China from or transiting in Liberia shall take nucleic acid test for COVID-19 within 3 days before boarding and apply for green health codes bearing mark of "HS ( for Chinese passengers) or Health Declaration Forms (for foreign passengers) with the COVID-19 negative certificates. Airlines are responsible for checking before boarding of passengers.

2. Testing Time and Testing Institutions

The test shall be conducted within 3 days before boarding at the institutions designated or recognized by Chinese Embassy in Liberia  (Team 9, SKD Stadium, Incident Management System, Monrovia,).

3. The way for Chinese Citizens to obtain Health Code

(1) Search and run the mini program "COVID-19 Prevention Health Code International Version" in Wechat "FIND"-"MINI PROGRAM". The mini program can also be run by scanning the QR code (Attachment 1) with Wechat.

(2) Chinese citizens shall, within 12 hours of obtaining COVID-19 negative certificate, submit personal information and upload photos of their COVID-19 negative certificates to the "Submitting Entrance B" of Wechat mini program COVID-19 Prevention Health Code International Version. After verification by Chinese Embassy, the passengers can get green health codes bearing mark of "HS"(Attachment 2). If necessary, please visit to browse "Q & A for Chinese Citizens to Upload COVID-19 Negative Certificate".

(3) Please board the flight before the expiry of health code and be cooperative with the check by airlines.

4. The way for Foreign Citizens to obtain Health Declaration Forms

(1) After obtaining COVID-19 negative certificates, foreign citizens shall send the scanned copies of data pages of their valid passports, COVID-19 negative certificate,flight ticket and Health Declaration Forms (Attachment 3) signed by the applicants, with the title of " Declaration: name+departure date", to email address of Chinese Embassy in Liberia: chinaconsulate07@

 (2) After performing verification, the Chinese Embassy returns the scanned copies of Health Declaration Forms to the applicants through email. The applicants shall print the Form themselves and take it to airport.

(3) Please board flight before expiry of Health Declaration Form and be cooperative with the checking of airlines.

5. Reminder

(1) All passengers intending to take China-bound flights are kindly reminded to read this notice carefully. If you are unable to complete the test and obtain COVID-19 negative certificate and fail to hold health code with the mark of "HS"or valid Health Declaration Form, it means that you are not qualified for boarding and need to rearrange or adjust your itinerary.

(2) Please pay close attention to the requirement of airlines operating in Liberia, take test report with you for checking when required and comply with the virus control policies of airlines.

(3) For Chinese and foreign passengers taking China-bound flights, the health codes with the mark of "HS"or Health Declaration Forms are also checked when passengers transit in countries where COVID-19 negative certificate are required before boarding (please visit to check the list of the countries). Please make sure that the health codes or Health Declaration Forms are valid during transit, otherwise boarding is to be denied with the result of being stranded in transiting airports.

(4) All passengers must strictly abide by laws and regulations regarding virus control and submit real and valid nucleic acid test certificates. Forging test report will result in legal consequence.



Chinese Embassy in Liberia

September 9, 2020




Attachment 1 QR code"COVID-19 Prevention Health Code International Version".doc


Attachment 2 Green Health Codes bearing mark of "HS".doc


Attachment 3 The Sample of Health Declaration Form.doc


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