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Statement by the Spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in Liberia on Data Cyber Security Issues
2022-11-18 17:05

The Chinese embassy in Liberia has taken note of an article published by relevant Liberian media on the security of biometric voting data, which made groundless attacks and false accusations against China in the field of data cyber security. The Embassy expresses its strong dissatisfaction and opposition to this. The Chinese government's position on the issue of data cybersecurity is consistent and clear. China is a staunch defender of data network security and has always firmly opposed and combated any form of cyber theft. The Chinese government has never in any way participated in or supported any organization or individual engaged in the theft of sensitive information from other countries. As to which countries are the "Matrix", everybody knows well.

China has always adhered to the principle of non-interference in internal affairs of other countries. The joint bidding by Chinese, Liberian and Nigerian companies for the Liberian biometric voter registration system is purely a commercial act. China understands Liberia's legitimate concerns about data network security, and requires Chinese companies to abide by local laws and regulations in their commercial activities in Liberia. China believes that the Liberian government will conduct the bidding process of the biometric voter registration system under the principle of transparent and fair competition, and opposes the practice of politicizing this technical work.

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