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Ambassador Yin Chengwu published a Signed Article Entitled “Sharing Development Opportunities for a Better Future”
2023-11-10 07:21

On November 7, Ambassador Yin Chengwu published a signed article entitled "Sharing Development Opportunities for a Better Future" in Liberia’s mainstream media, including Liberia News Agency, Prompt News Agencies, Reports231, the Daily Observer, the Analyst, the News, the New Democrat. Ambassador Yin briefed the Third Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation(BRF III), presented the fruitful achievement of cooperation made by China and African countries under the framework of Belt and Road Initiative and the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC), and expounded in-depth the new opportunities brought by China's development to African countries, including Liberia.

In his article, Ambassador Yin said that BRF III attracted representatives from 151 countries and 41 international organizations, fully demonstrating the tremendous appeal and global influence of the Belt and Road Initiative. Guided by the same philosophy, China and Africa have carried out all-round, in-depth and high-quality cooperation under the framework of Belt and Road Initiative and FOCAC. It believed that China-Africa mutually beneficial cooperation had vigorously contributed to the considerable development of infrastructure in Africa, and that Africa's economic and trade cooperation with China had achieved steady growth, while Africa's independent development capacity had received strong support.

Ambassador Yin pointed out that China had always adhered to the principles of sincerity, real results, amity and good faith in its dealings with African countries, and had provided African countries with tangible help and support.At present, China is endeavoring to build itself into a stronger country and rejuvenate the Chinese nation on all fronts by pursuing Chinese modernization. The modernization we are pursuing is not for China alone, but for all developing countries through our joint efforts. In August, President Xi Jinping put forward three new proposals at the China-Africa Leaders' Dialogue held in South Africa at the sideline of the 15th BRICS Summit: Initiative on Supporting Africa's Industrialization, Plan for China Supporting Africa's Agricultural Modernization, and Plan for China-Africa Cooperation on Talent Development. These proposals will inject new impetus into Africa's integration and modernization efforts. At the BRF III, President Xi Jinping further announced that,  China will take eight major steps to support the joint pursuit of high-quality Belt and Road cooperation, which has charted a new course and opened up a new vision for it. At present, 52 African countries and the African Union Commission have signed Belt and Road Initiative Cooperation Documents with China, and will have more chances to receive financial, trade and technical support under the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative in the future.

Ambassador Yin emphasized that Liberia is an important participant and contributor to FOCAC and the Belt and Road Initiative Cooperation mechanism. Looking ahead, China and Liberia have huge potential and promising prospects in strengthening the synergy of development strategies, promoting the sharing of development opportunities and working together to realize national modernization. From this new starting point, China is ready to work with African countries, including Liberia, to continue to deepen mutually beneficial cooperation in all fields, strengthen economic and trade exchanges, expand bilateral investment, share development opportunities, and continuously promote the quality and upgrading of China-Africa cooperation, so as to create a better future together.

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