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Ambassador Yin Chengwu Met with Liberian Minister of Internal Affairs Nyumalin
2024-06-05 17:50

On June 4, Yin Chengwu, Chinese Ambassador to Liberia met with Hon. Francis S. Nyumalin, Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Liberia. The two sides exchanged views on China-Liberia relations and sub-national cooperation between the two countries.

Yin briefed the principles of China’s Africa policy--sincerity, real results, amity and good faith, and expressed his willingness to work with the Ministry of Internal Affairs to strengthen cooperation in the field of sub-national affairs for the benefit of the two countries' people and to promote the further development of China-Liberia relations.

Hon. Nyumalin said that Liberia cherishes the friendship between China and Liberia, firmly adheres to the one-China principle, appreciates China's long-term support to Liberia, and hopes to carry out more cooperation with China.

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