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Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama Meets with Wang Yi
2021-10-29 15:55

On October 29, 2021 local time,  Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama met with State Councilor and Foreign Minister  Wang Yi in Tirana.

Rama asked Wang Yi to convey his  cordial greetings and best wishes to Chinese leaders. Rama said, the friendship  between Albania and China has a unique history and far-reaching influence.  Albania had played an active role in China's restoration of its lawful seat in  the United Nations, and it is still very proud of it. Albania respects China,  admires China's development achievements and appreciates China's increasingly  important role in international affairs. Albania will firmly adhere to the  one-China policy and look forward to strengthening cooperation with China in all  fields, injecting new vitality to Albania-China relations.

Wang Yi conveyed Chinese leaders'  heartfelt greetings to Rama. Wang Yi said, the traditional friendship between  China and Albania is not only a historical memory worth cherishing, but also a  deep foundation for the smooth development of bilateral relations. The Chinese  nation values friendship and tradition. No matter how far we have come, we will  never forget where we began. China will always remember Albania's just support  and the deep friendship forged between the two peoples. No matter how great our  achievements may be, we must draw experience and wisdom from the historical  development while insisting that all countries, large and small, are equal and  should have mutual understanding and respect. No matter what difficulties and  obstacles China encounters, China will firmly safeguard its national dignity and  its legitimate rights and interests, firmly defend international fairness and  justice, and oppose all power politics and bullying practices. China is willing  to work with Albania to take care of each other's core interests, build on  traditional friendship, enhance political mutual trust, and deepen mutually  beneficial cooperation in various fields such as economy, trade investment,  infrastructure, and people-to-people and cultural exchanges to open a new  chapter in China-Albania relations in the new historical period.

Wang Yi said, China supports the  "double-engine" driving effect of cooperation between China and Central and  Eastern European (CEE) countries as well as China-Europe cooperation to help CEE  countries achieve greater development. Rama said, Albania actively supports  cooperation between China and CEE countries and is willing to work together to  translate the cooperation potential into tangible results. Albania welcomes more  Chinese companies to invest in the country.

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